Royal BOB (in blisters)

Royal BOB (in blisters)

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Royal BOB (in blisters)


Perhaps it is the problem of losing weight that remains the most urgent for most women. Even if the excess weight is very small, girls want to bring their figure to absolute perfection and are ready to tirelessly polish it using different methods. In particular, special dietary supplements are in good demand, helping to lose unnecessary kilograms. And today we want to tell you about a new product - Chinese royal beans.



• L-carnitine;

• sea ditch;

• garcinia cambogia;

• chitin;

• gardenia;

• cassia;

• date fruit;

• saffron;

• atractyllis, ovoid;

• seaweed;

• alimentary fiber.



▪️Fast appearance of the result (visible after the first week of taking)

▪️ Metabolic processes are normalized.

▪️ Appetite decreases naturally.

▪️You get rid of fatty deposits and water.

▪️Increase self-control in nutrition.

▪️ Promote body cleansing.

▪️Remove toxins and slags.

▪️ Accelerate metabolism.



▫️ Overweight.

▫️ Swelling.

▫️Disorder of metabolism.



One pack of 36 capsules is designed for 1 course.

▪️Take 1 capsule one hour before breakfast, or one hour after a meal.

▪️If necessary, you can add a second capsule an hour before lunch, or an hour after it (according to your well-being).

▪️Do not take more than two capsules per day.

▪️Take it with warm drinking water.

▪️Increase water consumption per day to at least 2 liters.



- Alcohol is prohibited while taking the drug.

- Sweet reduces the effect of capsules.

- Eliminate carbonated drinks, coffee, flour, sweets, spices.

- Eat a healthy diet and, if possible, add activity to your lifestyle (exercise at home or in a fitness club).



-Persons before "18" years - after "65" years.

-Pregnant and lactating.

-Persons with heart disease and high blood pressure. It should also be understood that strong tea and coffee reduce the effectiveness of the dietary supplement.

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